When Faith Seems Uncertain

Sermon: Rev. Andy Nixon

Message: The Bible is a great book for many reasons, one of which that it speaks to us about living in faith on good days and in tough ones. Eventually, faith gets tested. Over the course of life will come a day where it seems like everything has gone wrong, evil and sin will rise, and we wonder ‘How am I going to deal with this?’ The good news is faith wins and the strength faith is forms the heart of Munger this Sunday.

Extra Mile: The Book of Revelation is written in a time where the Church is under tremendous persecution from the Roman Empire. The book is written in a kind of code perhaps in case it fell into the wrong hands - the images would be confusing to the nonbeliever. In our passage today, Revelation 21:1-7, the passage speaks of a ‘New Jerusalem’. A new source of holiness and strength will rise - the old world of persecution will stop and a new day begin. This is a word of hope then and now - faith always prevails.

Scripture: Rev 21:1-7